Silvercrest 33a1 - Product Notes

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Silvercrest 33a1 - Product Notes

The New Year Crest 33a1 is suitable for normal home use.

Arm Sewing Machine "Silvercrest 33a1" - General

The sewing machine 33a1 branded Silvercrest is sold among others the discounter Lidl. But many eBay stores the machines of this manufacturer are available. This model of a low-cost machine is ideal for those who want a device that does the general Alltagsnäharbeiten reliably and well. The Silvercrest engine has 33 stick functions, 4-stage Knopflockautomatik and high puncture resistance. This enables secure sewing thick fabrics. Also sewing problematic substances - such as jersey or stretch - is no problem with this unit. Supplied accessories are contained abundantly, so you can immediately start sewing.

Technical data and further details

  • The Silvercrest 33a1 has a power switch and a foot control for controlling and varying the sewing speed. With a cable length of 1.8 m and 1.4 m at the foot control cord is made while working for sufficient freedom. The machine has a nominal voltage of 230 V. The sewing machine and the integrated sewing light come together at an output of 85 watts. Weighing about 5.8 kg and dimensions of 380 x 319 x 185 mm This device is also relatively easy to handle.
  • This Freiarmnähmaschine is tested by TÜV and interference-proof to the EU directives. She works with a CB hook and a 130 / 705H needle system. A sewing light and a stitch display window are also included. Delivered this device with five different sewing feet for easy sewing of different materials.

Of course you should always consider carefully when buying a so-called bargain-sewing machine, whether it is at all suitable for their own purposes. If you sew much, elaborate sewing perform or work with heavy and complicated matter, it is advisable to seek advice in a specialist shop and possibly to invest a little more money in the implement. For general household use the Silvercrest 33a1 is very well suited. The place, incidentally, the Stiftung Warentest.

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