Silvester clothes - the little black dress

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Silvester clothes - the little black dress

Silvester Clothing: Adding Style to your festive little black dress with a few simple steps.

Silvester clothing - so you style your little black dress

  • The little black dress is perfect for special occasions such as New Year's Eve. Regardless of your age and your figure you can wear the little black everywhere - you will feel so at each event safely and appropriately dressed, because you can not go wrong with a black dress.
  • Depending on the cut of your New Year's Eve dress, you can vote your accessories on it. The little black dress is the perfect stage for flashy jewelry and accessories. Wear quietly opulent hair accessories (headband with rhinestones or feathers, ribbons or combs with rhinestones - in the fashion stores you can find a wide selection of cheap, nice hair accessories). A veil or small cap, which you can attach in your hair with clips, are a good choice for the New Year.
  • With jewelry you style your little black dress with little effort festive glamorous. If your New Year's clothes already an extravagant sectional features (asymmetry, flounces, ruffles, zippers, cutouts), you should contact your jewelry an accent. Does your dress, for example, a deep-cut back and high neck in front, you can glittering bangles or bracelets, big earrings (Chandeliers, hangers or Creoles), cocktail rings or a longer Strasskette which emphasizes the back carry. Leave your jewelry work, by focusing on a beautiful piece.
  • Since the little black dress is your legs in scene, you can wear special tights as eyecatcher. Whether you choose lace or pattern depends on your personal taste. However, you should avoid strong pattern, if you have very strong legs - in this case, we recommend a classic, black tights. In general, you should not choose colorful tights, but black. In this way, the overall picture of your New Year's clothes remain consistent and elegant.
  • Very important for your outfit are of course the shoes. New Year's Eve you should wear high heels (of course with a comfortable for you heel). They can be decorated with rhinestones, a special sales (eg studded with rhinestones or gold) or be decorated in a different form. Especially convenient, and thus very suitable for the long New Year's Eve, are wedge heels and plateaus. If the rest of your New Year's dress is black, you can choose colored shoes - pink, red, violet - your imagination is no limit.
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