Silvester in Germany - as you celebrate a "Dinner for One" party

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Silvester in Germany - as you celebrate a "Dinner for One" party

Get the flair of past home.

Silvester black and white - so manage the TV-themed party

  • The 90th birthday of Miss Sophie has become not only in Germany to the cult. Grab the DVD and let it run in an infinite loop during the party. To avoid boredom, take a look at the different dialect versions. Alternatively, you could perform the sketch itself. Perhaps two of your guests could prepare their own version about Hessisch or Low German.
  • Obtain ornate picture frame, mainly in gold look. At the flea market, you will definitely find suitable models. In the framework set still photography from the sketch. You could list the scenes well in advance, giving as many photos. This set of New Year's Eve.
  • The party venue should look worn. Hang heavy velvet curtains at the window, place rag rugs on the floor. Maybe you have a few vintage pieces of furniture that can make for the occasion in the center. Shabby Chic Furniture also styled in the theme.
  • Set a dress code for your guests. The men must appear in tuxedos, the women should be based on the fashion of the baroque, rococo or Gothic, that is long, flared skirts, ruffled blouses and shiny materials. Serve with an updo.
  • Hold drinking games by about planning an obstacle course. Center is of course the tiger rug. Who makes a mistake, must recite the slogan "Same procedure as last year" and start over.
  • Hire a Butler or ask a guest to take on this role. The Butler carries snacks or drinks on a tray and stumbles regularly on the carpet.

So we celebrate in proper style in Germany

When New Year's Eve menu, you must not be very creative. Serve three main courses and a dessert. However, the classic dishes you can spice or modify.

  • A dish called Mulligatawny Soup, this refers to a chicken soup with curry. You should look in Indian cooking, would be about a Chicken tikka masala conceivable. Of course, you can also offer the original recipe.
  • In second gear, the North Sea Haddock, serve haddock. Again, you can prepare the dish according to the tastes of the guests.
  • The third gear is just "chicken". Here you can pick up Indian elements or cook a paella with chicken breast. Alternatively, you could make coq au vin, chicken stuffed after forester kind or a casserole.
  • Even the dessert you can experiment. Prepare for a fruit salad, a fruit tart or a layer dessert with fresh fruits and mascarpone cream.
  • A must at a Dinner for One Party are Alcohol, these should arrange on a bar. Obliged are sherry, white wine, champagne and port wine.

If you have foreign guests, show that, as you put into celebrating in Germany New Year.

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