Simple Faschingskostüm to make yourself - so successful an elf costume

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Simple Faschingskostüm to make yourself - so successful an elf costume

Elves are beautiful mythical creatures.

Create Simple Faschingskostüm

An elf is a pretty mythical creature that is often depicted with long hair and wings. If you are looking for a simple Carnival Carnival costume that an elf is ideal, as you have many costume utensils intended for home or they can be easily do it yourself.

  • First, choose appropriate clothes off to show an elf. You can scour your closet after a short, flowery pinafore dress, which is suitable for the carnival costume. If you no longer need the dress, you can also think it at hem zigzag incise. But there are also solid-colored strapless dresses in A-line shape.
  • In addition to the dress, you can wear an opaque or flesh-colored tights. If you opt for an opaque, should this a similar color (or white) have as the dress.
  • It is also possible to wear a body with an opaque tights and draw a separate Tüllrock about. So a skirt can be found especially during the Carnival time for little money in the stores.
  • Wear pointy slippers on the feet or flat, lace boots with a textile surface (no leather or imitation leather).

With a little skill, you can even a simple piece of tulle stitching at the hem of your dress to spice up the carnival costume.

Makeup and accessories to make yourself

So that Faschingskostüm is convincing, it's the little details that are vital if you arrive as an elf with your friends well.

  • With a skin pin (z. B. henna) you can paint on your hands embellishments and small flowers. Ask a friend if you even give you the whole arm right up to the neckline decorated with ornaments. If you wear a transparent tights, such ornaments are on the legs also an eye-catcher!
  • Alternatively, you can use narrow ribbon, to wrap around your forearms or to lay crosswise.
  • Wear jewelry as a necklace with a large art gem.
  • If you want to buy no wings, there is a brief guide to make yourself: Cut from heavy cardboard white wings (or later white paint). Tacking off elastic band on two loops for the arms. Decorate the wings with glitter pens and rhinestones.
  • You might find at home nor a wooden stick, which is no longer needed, you can also consuming decorate and use as a "magic wand".
  • Put definitely neat makeup on, under the eye area, you can also distribute a little glitter. Wear your hair down and blow-dry it smooth.

So fast is a simple Faschingskostüm "conjure" with which you can impress your friends!

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