Simple lease - it should you remember for the lease of a garden plot

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Simple lease - it should you remember for the lease of a garden plot

Horticulture is joy.

Lease and rent have the same goal, but differ in content. With a lease you rent a property, to use their premises. Shall note also the inventory or the fruits of land use, there is a lease.

Verbal agreements are risky

  • Fruits of a garden plot may be fruit trees, a fish pond or the income of the garden.
  • To preserve your acquis, should exist in relation to the landlord that a simple lease contract is concluded. Only verbal agreements are rarely provable.
  • In this lease, you should write in everything that is important from your point of view to allow the use of garden land so that it is in your interest.

Points that you should settle into a lease agreement

  • A simple lease recorded the personal details of landlord and tenant.
  • It is important that you describe the property, its location and its boundaries.
  • More importantly, that you describe in what way you want to use the land and may use. If there are, for example, fruit trees on the property, it must be determined who is entitled to the fruits. If a fish pond created, it must be determined who is allowed to fish there.
  • Also, to clarify who is responsible for the maintenance of the property and its inventory. Normally you will be responsible for it as a tenant. If this is not in your interest, you have to reach a different agreement.
  • Adjust the lease period, in which the real estate is at your disposal. In this context it is also talking about a period of notice. You may freely agree. Otherwise, the termination at the end of the lease year is possible according to the law.

Easy Gardening may be land lease

  • Would you like to use the garden plot for the production of horticultural products, also the rules of the land lease contract (§§ 585 ff BGB) in the Civil Code. There a number of details are regulated, you should know before you make the lease. At least when it entail major investments, you should seek legal advice necessarily.
  • If interested, you can arrange a pre-emptive right, which entitles you to enter in the event of the sale of the garden plot in the contract concluded with a prospective buyer sales contract as a buyer. They run so no danger of losing your investment of time, money and material.
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