Simple long drinks with alcohol - Recipe Ideas

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Simple long drinks with alcohol - Recipe Ideas

Mix easy long drinks.

Preparing Fruity Longdrinks

If you want to brew fruity and easy long drinks with alcohol, you can prepare this recipe times. The highball attracts mainly by the green color everyone's attention.

  1. Pour the green fruity long drink first thing the drink Blue Curacao in the highball glass.
  2. Then you can still fill the highball glass with ice cubes and also fill the glass of orange juice.
  3. Only at the end of the banana liqueur must then be added poured.

Serve now the long drink with a straw and decorated with a slice of orange.

Simple mix drinks with Jägermeister

In the event that you want to mix a strong highball, this recipe is definitely something for you. The strong alcohol flavor comes states by the strong Jägermeister.

  1. For the long drink with Jägermeister you need to share the first thing the washed lime into eight pieces.
  2. Now enter the lime pieces together with brown cane sugar in a highball glass.
  3. You can then pour the lime pieces and brown cane sugar with lime juice and stir briefly, and then ingredients.
  4. Now enter the main ingredient so the Jägermeister into the highball glass and stir the drink again.
  5. Finally, you can enter as much into it still crushed ice in the glass, as it gets and then serve the long drink with a straw.

Before you prepare simple long drinks, you should use the required ingredients well cool, so that the drink is not quite as fast warm. Chilled taste long drinks namely still best.

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