Simple songs for guitar

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Simple songs for guitar

With only two or three chords, you can play some guitar songs.

If you want to learn guitar, is first before the question of the appropriate instrument. The selection is great, because a guitar player can choose between classical guitar, acoustic guitar or electric guitar. As a beginner, you are best advised with a classical guitar. As acoustic instrument, it offers more options than the electric guitar. Another advantage is that their strings are made of nylon instead of steel. Nylon strings are playing more pleasant. Who plays a guitar with steel strings, should already have experience - and a skin on the fingers.

"Lady in Black" - beginner classic guitar

The famous classic of Uriah Heep is one of the easiest songs for guitar. To play it, you need only two simple chords: E minor and D major. E minor is a particularly simple guitar chord. Put your index finger on the A string and the middle finger on the D string of the 2nd Federal. With your left hand, grab the chords with the right beat to the sound hole on the strings. For the D major chord you need the three highest strings. Access to the index finger and the ring finger the G string and the E-string in the 2nd fret. With the middle finger grasp the B string on the 3rd fret.

"Lady in Black" is one of the most simple songs for guitar, since the two handles not constantly alternate. The verse runs largely in E Minor, the simplest guitar chord. Only at the end of the line appeared a divergence on to D major. For beginners this song why is ideally suited.

Simple rock ballads - "Knocking on heaven's door"

The song by Guns n Roses has developed into one of the most famous guitar songs. He easily goes into the ear, is not complicated to sing and also easy to support. You need four chords: G major, D major, C major and A minor. A minor is similar to E minor, an easy to learn control. Place your index finger on the B string on the 1st fret. The middle finger playing the D string, the ring finger the G string in the 2nd fret.

The G major chord is one of the more complicated guitar chords. There is, however, a lighter alternative handle, to use the beginners. Normally, the middle finger on the A string in the 2nd fret, the ring finger on the low E string and the little finger on the high E string on the 3rd fret. However, since this is difficult to implement due to the spread of hand, you can omit the sound on the high E string. The chord which is produced in such a way is a variant of the G major chord that sounds almost as good.

"Sweet home Alabama" - three chords, big impact

The song from the movie "Forrest Gump" is one of the most catchy guitar songs. It is very suitable for beginners, because it contains only three chords: D major, G major and C major. If you opt for the simplified G major handle, you can concentrate on stroke technique of the right hand. is played slightly faster that the song in the original, you need not to worry. Just let small breaks between the chords after you hit it. This will bring more life into the music and to prepare the next handle in peace.

Guitar songs of the Beatles - "Let it be"

If you want to play the guitar and accompany songs, it is best also to sing. Here especially the earwigs are suitable that everyone knows and can sing along or pitch pipes melody without difficulty. One of these songs is "Let It Be" by the Beatles. Although you need here already four chords, but there are largely simple handles. In addition to E minor and D major, you need the guitar chords C major and G major. For the C-major chord you need the A string, the D string and the B string. The index finger is on the B string on the 1st fret, the middle finger on the D string on the 2nd fret and the ring finger on the A string on the 3rd fret. At the G major chord, you can choose between the standard handle and easier alternative handle. If you want to accept the challenge, there is also a third handle. This is not as hard as the standard grip, but a little more difficult than the simplified. Again, the index finger on the low E string and the little finger is on the high E string on the 3rd fret. Additionally, you put your middle finger on the A string in the 2nd fret and the ring finger on the B string on the 3rd fret. Because ring and little fingers are right next to each other, this variant makes simpler than the standard grip.

Despite the different chords is a simple song, as it is slow and does not contain a quick change of grip. So you can at all concentration still enjoy the music.

Easy Guitar Songs with four chords - "Moonlight Shadow"

"Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield is famous not only for its catchy melody. Especially characteristic is the guitar accompaniment. In addition to D major and E minor you need the guitar chords in G major and C major.

The song has the advantage that it is very long and contains many repetitions. In this way you get a good Ɯbeeffekt because the order of the chords changes rarely. If the four sounds were presented again, coming across the song no new chord more. The more verses you play, the better you train the exchange of different grips.

Simple songs that are fun - "Wild thing"

With "Wild thing" the Troggs delivered a hit, which will be great fun on the guitar. It only contains four simple chords. In addition to D major and G major chords you need the E major and A major. Both can not be grasped complicated. For the A-major handle place the index finger on the D string, the middle finger on the G string and the ring finger on the B string. All strings are gripped in the 2nd fret. The E-major chord you play as follows: Place the index finger on the G string of the 1st Federal. The middle finger playing the A string and the ring finger the D string, each in the 2nd fret.

Since the chords are changed quickly in this song, you should have collected on the guitar a little experience. If you find it easier to change the handles securely, you can focus on the rhythm's beat.

Evergreens for guitar - "Greensleeves" as a first challenge

The melody of "Greensleeves" is almost known to everyone. It has a catchy rhythm and is suitable due to their worn tempo for beginners. While there is here to grab some chords, but are there any complicated guitar chords. The chords in A minor, C major, G major, E major and E minor were presented. You run like a thread through the whole song. As a new chord only is added E7, the E-major seventh. This sounds more complicated than it is. Again, there is a suitable for beginners simplified grip position. Place your index finger on the G string in the 1st fret, the middle finger on the A string in the 2nd fret. Over these two fingers you do not need for the E7 handle.

Despite the relatively simple chords "Greensleeves" is one of the first challenges of a beginner. Here you will learn to draw many different chords in a short time, because often the key from cycle to cycle changes. The slow pace and the numerous repetitions shall, however, that there must be no frustrations here.

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