simply explained difference of the food chain and food web

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simply explained difference of the food chain and food web

Thus, the end of a food web look. Andrea_Damm / Pixelio

A food chain you can follow linear. If several food chains together, as is generally the rule results in a food web. To explain the difference.

This is a food chain

  • The food chain can be described easily. They called the linear energy and material relationship between organisms.
  • Of these, always forms the basic food of the following organisms.
  • It starts at lowest level with the so-called producers who do not feed on other organisms, but even become food. In general, the green plants.
  • The next in the food chain is practically a consumer and feeds, for example, by the green plants, plankton or algae until it is even again "eaten" by the next largest.
  • An example might be: bacteria feed on plant and are themselves eaten by ciliates. Then comes the small crayfish, which in turn is eaten by a fish. Now the pike might eat the fish and the end of the food chain would be achieved. Some pike but also eaten by humans, which is then a further component of the chain.

That is the difference in food webs

  • A food chain is indeed easy to explain, but ultimately rather a mental abstraction. Most different organisms live together in ecosystems in which to feed some types of multiple prey or even eaten by various predators.
  • Once an organism eats prey from at least two different food chains, one speaks of a branch and then by a food web.
  • The best example is like the man himself as the last part of several food chains. Our food system is so linked that a chain would never be enough. We eat so on one side might vegetarian, the other hand also fish from a network of food chains or even meat.

In summary, a food chain "eat and be eaten" a direct line of a food web and in contrast, a branch of several food chains.

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