simply explained risks of piercing - Nose piercing

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simply explained risks of piercing - Nose piercing

The nose piercing is not without risk.

If piercing the skin is pierced, to fit a plug or a ring can. This represents an intervention into the body, which is fraught with risks. Not only is the nose piercing so, but also for all other variants of the piercings. Particularly in the genital area and on the nipple piercing can cause complications. Consider it for a piercing in general, if you want to take this step really, and familiarize yourself with the risks.

The risks of piercing

  • If you want a piercing, you should leave this prick with a doctor. Different doctors offer this service. Search a corresponding studio, you should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. The piercing must be sterile and the instruments with which it is engraved, also. In addition, should take place before a full consultation and disinfection of the site.
  • The place where the stitch is set may ignite or it can fester. In this case, you need to remove the piercing and expect that unsightly scars.
  • If a nerve taken the pierced body may cause pain. Even then you should remove the piercing.
  • Move the piercing regularly and take from time to time out to clean it and disinfect. An ingrown Piercing can only be removed surgically, which attracts by pain and unsightly scars leaves.

The nose piercing may bring more problems

  • It may be that your employer has a problem with your piercing and prompts you to remove this. In some companies, however, wearing a piercing also contradicts the Occupational Safety and hygiene, for example in the food industry or in other production plants. The daily in and out of the company piercings can lead to inflammation, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Piercing the body jewelry is very individual, but socially acceptable everywhere. You should be aware that it is a nose piercing and visible when you remove the ring or plug. If you want to wear no jewelry in the nose, a scar remains. Depending on the healing process and capable of piercing can they remain lifelong visible.
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