Sims 3 - Increase Star Level

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Sims 3 - Increase Star Level

Be the star of the game.

What advantages does a higher star level?

In order not to take you the whole game, you will only see a few ways that you are opening up a higher star level:

  • When you visit the wellness center with your Sims or dine in the restaurant, so you get discounts at higher star level.
  • They are tired of taxi? Then let your pawns by limousine chauffeur.
  • You can even give autographs, once you have acquired through other Sims a certain prestige.
  • If you want to save even more, you can give gifts of friends! The favor of a celebrity wants to earn nearly every Sim.

Increase the Star Level in Sims 3

arise and only if you have a relatively high star-level or increase it over time to improve benefits - for this there are several options:

  • Take all opportunities that promise you star points and fulfill them. To have accurate information that you can follow, and increase relatively afloat your Star Level.
  • Work hard: Once you climb the career ladder, also grows the star of your Sims. Jobs as a newscaster, professional athletes or musicians are possible in Sims 3!
  • Relations are also in the simulation game the A and O. Meet celebrities, you make friends with them or begin a love affair to. To rapidly increase the star level. And do not worry, it may take a little, pull up Stars in your city!
  • Maintain good contact with paparazzi and impress this photographer. Good publicity does not harm anyone Star and will increase the Star points.
  • You know when you create the Sim that he should be a star? Then give him necessarily the property "Star Quality" - some are just born a star.

The dark side of celebrity life

Before you increase the star level in Sims 3, you should consider if you want to play with the disadvantages caused a Star Life:

  • You are always times again plagued by paparazzi. Do you wonder. Not on unannounced visit
  • Your reputation can be quickly and poorly lousy gossip take its course in the city.
  • Your Star presence can at Sims 3 quickly lead to an unwanted scandal that may some choked on Simdollar.
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