Sims 3 uninstall in Windows 7 - Here's how

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Sims 3 uninstall in Windows 7 - Here's how

Uninstall the game properly.

Simply deleting is not enough

  • Sims 3 by Electronic Arts Developer is a relatively complex computer game, this you notice during the installation, because this takes a fairly long time to complete. In Windows 7, the game is not only copied to your computer's hard drive, but the installer still takes additional items before.
  • Sims 3 is subsequently completely on your hard disk, writes in the registry of the operating system and even creates a folder for your saved games.
  • Once you have played the game long enough and no more it feel like, so you can also remove it from your computer. This feature is especially free space, and you can Sims 3 then sell ads.
  • Thus, it takes 7 to Windows no errors or problems, you should simply delete the game by no means only from the hard disk. Do this anyway, so the items remain in the Windows registry are made and also your saved games you will find not so easy.
  • The right way is a clean uninstall of Sims 3, the game can be fully uninstall and remove it from your computer as well as other programs and games.

To uninstall Sims 3 in Windows 7

  1. If you have decided, the computer game completely uninstall, you must Sims 3 course finish first. Press the Windows Start button and select the Control Panel in Windows 7 from.
  2. Visit the new menu to the "Programs" and click "Uninstall a Program" under these on. Wait until the list is complete will appear on your screen, and look at the entries (in alphabetical order) on the left by Sims. 3
  3. Click on the game with the left mouse button and select from the top menu "Uninstall". Windows 7 now loads the uninstall wizard of Sims 3. Confirm the operation and wait until the uninstallation finishes.
  4. Then run Windows 7, and log in again. The game is now completely removed from your computer.
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