Ski boots in the test - which is important in acquiring

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Ski boots in the test - which is important in acquiring

Ski boots you should try before you buy.

Then you should look for when buying ski boots

  • Very important when testing the boots is the liner. This should not be too thick. The boot shell should however bear directly on the foot. Keep in mind, furthermore, that the padding still yields during wear. Try the shoes preferably with thin socks, because especially thick and soft padding to give. The toes should it lightly against the inner shell. The heel should hand 1 - 2 cm have air, so that a comfortable and secure fit is ensured.
  • If the boot is too large, it must be buckled tight. Often their feet are doing extremely squashed, so blood flow disturbances. The result is deaf feet, which can be cold even beyond. Also a criterion that the shoes are too large, when looking at your toes grip and cling in the upholstery.
  • Since it (for example, size 27, size 27.5, etc.) are ski boots in half moon sizes, you can also test exactly which shoe best suits you.

Last width and Flex - also you should test

  • In the last width is the widest part of the forefoot. Many manufacturers also specify this size further, the strip width of 98 mm to 103 mm is sufficient. Therefore, you should consider this when testing. Especially in soft shoes for beginners, the shoes are equipped with additional bars, the upholstery is quite thick. In racing shoes, the last width, however, is rather narrow dimensions, provided the Flex (resilience of the shoe upper to the front) is tough. The inner boot is characterized further in that the liner itself is also very thin.
  • You should definitely make sure that your foot has a snug fit. A pleasant close fit here is enormously advantageous, so that the midfoot and heel as well as the stand firmly in place.
  • If, however, a slight pressure at some points to be felt, so it is also possible to leave the shell milling out a little. Avoid therefore to choose a larger size.
  • Specifically, the Flex needs during the skiing offer a good resistance, so any control pulses can be transmitted optimally. Your ankle should not be compromised.
  • To find the right Flex, there is a formula, which also you can apply. Multiply your body weight by 1.33 and you get the optimum flex (weight x 1.33 = Flex). As there are numerous manufacturers of ski boots, try only to Flex under the shoes of a producer, since the flex is not standardized.
  • Especially the high quality shoes are also further adjusted. So have more expensive models also via a so-called. Kanting. This is the angle, which can be set from the shaft to the sole way.

it when you buy the shoes in the ski area itself is particularly advantageous. So there is the possibility to try the shoes directly. Should corrections (milling, etc.) need to be made, it is often already in the purchase price, so your skiing nothing stands in the way.

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