Sky Receiver: problems resolve as

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Sky Receiver: problems resolve as

With a satellite plant Sky look Marcel_Klinger / Pixelio

If you want to see the pay-TV broadcaster Sky, you have two options: You can book him as an addition to cable TV or see on your dish. In both cases, you need a receiver that is certified for the stations of Sky.

troubleshoot problems with the receiver

  • For pay-TV Sky, you need a receiver. If you want to buy these yourself and not for rent, you should look at the website of Sky if the device for Sky is certified. Otherwise, the compatibility is not guaranteed.
  • The Reveiver can also be built into your TV. If you want to receive pay-TV, the TV is equipped with so-called CI + slot must have. In this, the smart card is inserted.
  • Make sure that the CI + module and smart card match. Take in your TV satellite receiver, even smart card and CI + module must be adjusted to the satellite. The same applies if you use a cable box. Always pay attention to the right of reception.
  • When you receive Sky with a satellite dish, you need to align these 19.2 degrees on Astra. Make sure that the cable signals and transfers. This can be found out by setting a free channels to sample.

Problems with Sky channels, there are also, if you have the smart card is not inserted correctly. If you have problems paying the bill to Sky reserves, fernzusperren the map. However, most often the problems occur when you confuse cable and satellite reception.

For Sky get Mietreceiver

  • When you complete your subscription directly from Sky or in an electronics store, you get a Mietreceiver you can use for free or for a small fee depending on the amount of the subscription for the entire duration. If you do not renew your subscription, you must return the Mietreceiver.
  • The advantage of Mietreceivers is that he is certified for Sky and you will have no problems with the smart card. However, you must specify whether you have a cable box or a satellite system here.
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