Skype chat rooms - so you chat with multiple contacts

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Skype chat rooms - so you chat with multiple contacts

Create chat rooms with Skype

Sign into Skype and create a group as a chat room

Before you can create groups as chat rooms with Skype, you must pre-register on your account, and then add your contacts to a group.

  1. Start the first thing your Skype and sign up stating your Skype name and password at.
  2. Go in the second step above the menu bar on the "contacts" and click on the text "New group conversation". Alternatively, you can also click in your contacts on the "group icon" to create a new group as a chat room.
  3. Next, you can now use the contacts to join your chat room, by drawing in the upper field to add to your group.
  4. You now have a group created as a chat room, and can finally enter a message down in the message field, and then send to your group members through the "Send" button.

To end your chat rooms or groups again, you can "close" close up right the group by clicking on the button.

Add your chat rooms as favorites to your contact list

After you create chat rooms or groups in Skype, you have the option to add in a few steps the various chat rooms as favorites to your contact list:

  1. First, create a new group and add these contacts.
  2. Next, click next to the button "Close", "Add to favorites" in the lettering.
  3. Now enter your group or your chatroom name.
  4. Finally, click on the "OK" button, so that your group is saved to your contact list.
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