Skyrim: Reset merchant money - how it works

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Skyrim: Reset merchant money - how it works

So traders have money again. Thommy_Weiss / Pixelio

The trade characters in Skyrim are on a budget

Skyrim: Reset merchant money - how it works

  • Your hero finds in the world of Skyrim very many things and can almost everywhere take various items, such as books, weapons or armor itself. Unfortunately you can not indefinitely bear many items and have to then sell or store in a chest.
  • In Skyrim there are many dealers, which you can sell your items. But a blacksmith buys only weapons or armor, books and jewelry he does not.
  • Furthermore, the developers of roleplaying still worried for a greater realism because the dealers have not infinite amount of money, but only have a certain budget.
  • For this reason, you can not sell the items a retailer and obtained from him only money if he still possessing. This fact is when selling course extremely cumbersome, can be a small and legal trick but bypass.

Skyrim: Reset merchant money - how it works

To reset the merchant money back

Each dealer has in Skyrim on a budget, and if this is used up, then you get your sales any more money. With a fairly simple trick allows the merchant money but again reset and you can go ahead with the sale of objects.

  1. Visit best a grocer in Skyrim. These characters buy all kinds of items, and you can also sell them books or recipes. You find such dealers in every major city - such as in solitude or white run.
  2. Sell ​​all the items until the dealer has no money. The amount is commercially screen bottom right. Now press the Wait button (on the controller, this is the Select key) and set the waiting time to 24 hours.
  3. Confirm the operation and wait a moment until the time has passed. Run the operation again and wait again for 24 hours. Talk after the dealer again and he again has its full budget.

Skyrim: Reset merchant money - how it works

This useful trick you can repeat as often as possible, and it also works with any merchant in Skyrim. To save yourself tedious way and do not walk around with too many objects.

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