Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

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Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

The victim at the shrine kill image pixel / Pixelio

Skyrim offers varied quests

Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

  • The well-known role-playing game has a very interesting history that you are experiencing gradually through the main quest line. Throughout the game world different people live and many of these characters give your hero also new quests. These can usually get by simply starting a conversation and offer your help.
  • It is definitely worthwhile to make not only the tasks of the main quest line, but also some of the exciting side quests. To get even more gold and useful rewards. In addition, the side quests tell again and again smaller stories and understand by the main story of Skyrim even better.
  • Particularly exciting and implemented successfully the Dreadra quest line in Skyrim. For the people, you must provide the first thing a sacrifice to the goddess Boethia and this is not easy.

Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

To provide a sacrifice for Boethia

  1. The exciting quest is part of the Deadra quest line and you get it at the shrine of Boethia by a priestess. This requires that you provide a sacrifice for the goddess Boethia.
  2. So you need to start looking for a suitable victim. Since you may not use any monsters or creatures that only come into question some people. It is best to grab a companion (such as Lydia from White Run) and ask him to follow you.
  3. You should not just use a companion, which you have given gold or important items of course. It is best to take a completely new companion as victims. In the game world of Skyrim to see quite a large selection.
  4. Familiarize yourself. Together on the way to Boethias Shrine Now speak your companion and you can ask him for something special. Commands him then that he used the shrine. Consequently, your companion will tie at the shrine of Boethia.
  5. Now you have unfortunately kill him as a sacrifice to the goddess. How exactly do you do that, of course, is up to you. If the companion is dead, so the goddess Boethia will go into it and you can talk to her.

Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

Skyrim: sacrifice for Boethia - Here's how

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