Sled runners grow - how it's done

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Sled runners grow - how it's done

Grow Your sled runners.

Not only to make the sled in winter ready for the trips, also for parking during the snow-free period, you should grow the sled runners. So you have in winter a great driving experience and in the snow-free months, the sled runners against rust protected.

Preparing the sledge runners

  1. Remove rusty places by sanding the sled runners with 80-grit sandpaper thoroughly.
  2. To do this, with the sandpaper several times over the entire sled runners.
  3. Would you like to facilitate the work, you can of course also rely on the electric grinder.
  4. Then remove with a soft cloth all abrasive residues.
  5. If you notice any sharp edges, you can either grind or smooth with steel wool.

To grow the skids

  1. To grow the sledge runners with candle wax, you should prefer a white candle.
  2. Rub with the candle several times on the sled runners along.
  3. Do not practice this excessive force.
  4. The advantage here is the low costs for the candle.
  5. Of course, you can use the sledge runners rub with salad oil and a soft cloth. The not matching the classic waxing, but is equally suitable for simple Children sled.
  6. Would you like to use ski wax, so the application depends on the type of wax.
  7. Warm wax should of course be warmed before use and then applied with a cloth on the skids.
  8. Cold wax is usually available as a paste and is polished in the runners.
  9. Wax spray you need to spray only on the pretreated sled runners and allow to dry.

With these simple means you can enjoy your sleigh ride right from the start and do not have to "retract" the runners.

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