Sled runners - the maintenance possible so

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Sled runners - the maintenance possible so

Maintain him well!

Sled runners care is important

Carriage need just care as all means of transportation. Thus the carriage easily and quickly hinunterrodelt the mountain, especially the sled runners must get regular care. But the wood or metal, you look forward to a cleaning and occasional material care.

  • The wood is generally impregnated ex works, but leaves each impregnation over time after. After all, your carriage will sometimes stand for a while in the snow, will almost certainly wet and the cold exposed. That affects every material.
  • Sled runners are shod with almost all carriage with metal bars. The metal has been specially bent adapted to the skids and attached. You can not even just easily replace the runners fittings so.
  • The material care is important as skiers and snowboarders to healing come down the mountain.
  • Once a material damage in the z. B. a skid fog dissolves or breaks, has arisen, it may well be dangerous for sledders.

To maintain the skids

At the first sled runners wear the metal fittings, as they are directly exposed to the snow most and longest. To maintain it.

  1. Record fine sandpaper and sand the metal fittings of the sled runners slowly and without great pressure in light movements from. To remove the rust that has formed may.
  2. Do not use coarse sandpaper, no matter how thick the grate is because you quickly pull so grooves in the metal of the sled runners. Maintain your sled runners regularly, then the rust does not even occur.
  3. Wipe the sanded sled runners with a soft, dry cloth thoroughly to remove Schmirgelreste.
  4. Grease now the sled runners, either with simple olive oil, or the oil, which you also maintain your bike. If possible, use no dark oil, but clear.
  5. Alternatively, you can use pork rind or soft wax, such as floor wax, you can get in some drugstores.
  6. Fashion thoroughly an oil using a cloth in small circular movements and also with the bacon rind. To make sure that every little ridge is greased in the material.
  7. Then dab the sled runners gently with a paper towel from to remove possible excesses. So the gloves of sledders remain clean. And then it can finally go on the toboggan run.

Clean your sled after each Rodeltag before you put it aside. Treat yourself to the sled and the sled runners at the end of winter an extensive care before being evacuated to the attic. Much sledding fun and always plenty of snow under the runners!

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