Sleeve knit - so the shape is beautiful

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Sleeve knit - so the shape is beautiful

Sleeves have to be well planned.

You like to knit sweaters or jackets and need a guide to get beautiful sleeve? A rectangular body with straight sleeves looks stiff and clunky. To the shape to get beautiful, you have to create both the armhole and the sleeve itself well.

To schedule the sleeve

  1. First take the measure of the length of your sleeve of the hand below the armpit. It is important that you schedule plenty of room under the armpit. It is best to take a well-fitting garment as a model.
  2. Then take the measure between armpit and shoulder, which should correspond exactly to the diameter of the sleeve hole in the body.
  3. Make a gauge swatch and then hit on as many stitches as you need for the width at the wrist. Furthermore, calculate using the swatch and rule of three, how many stitches of the sleeves should have at the armpit.
  4. Now you expect from how many stitches you need to increase evenly over the rows to the armpit. If you knit a rib, you take after the cuffs.
  5. Knitting the sleeves to the armpit. You can either use a circular needle or as in a sock knitting needles of five knitting needles.
  6. Then comes the sleeve head, the part of the sleeve, which is inserted into the armhole of sweaters or jacket.

Knit the sleeve head

  1. The sleeve head forms a slight S shape. To do this from chains on the inside of the sleeve first 2 to 3 centimeters. At this point, the sleeve is fitted later to the lowest point of the armhole.
  2. Knit the series to end, and then a back row. Then take on both sides of the bound body again per 1.5 cm from.
  3. Now that you can no longer round knit, working with back and forth on for about 15 to 20 cm and take it off evenly, so that above only remain about 10 cm left. The height of the sleeve cap should the height of the armhole match.
  4. In the last two to three rows you chains again from one to two centimeters, so there is the S-shape of the sleeve cap.
  5. Finally, chains from the last stitch and sew the threads.

A sleeve with sleeve head fits best into an armhole that is offset to the armpit about 5 cm in the fabric and then just ramping up.

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