Sloes eat raw? - That should be aware

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Sloes eat raw?  - That should be aware

Sloes need to first frost. hans / Pixelio

Find out more about sloes

Blackthorn are among the oldest known cultivated plants. They carry powerful spines and stand with their white blossoms in the front row at the heralding of fragrances and Blütenrausch of spring.

  • The sloes achieve their harvest maturity end of October - early November after the first frost. to harvest sloe, is a pretty tedious and prickly endeavor.
  • You should therefore equipped in accordance with good for Schlehenernte: A waterproof jacket with smooth surface as possible and gloves protect you from the sharp thorns of Schlehenbüsche. A walking stick with a curved handle makes you well when pulling down the branches to pick the sloes.

Sloes - the "special fruits"

  • The fruits of the blackthorn are about 1.5 cm tall and look like round small plums. The interior consists of an elongated core. They are green in the growth phase, but switch to the maturation process the color. Harvest ripe hang then dark blue to black on the bush.
  • The "City of Schlehenliebhaber" is divided on whether the full Schlehengeschmack can also be achieved by artificial freeze in freezer. Try it out.

Can be eaten raw sloes also?

The consumption of raw sloe is not recommended. It can cause stomach and intestinal discomfort, because the ingredients of sloe astringent and purgative. Sloes have, inter alia, a high percentage of tannic acid. According to the taste. The nuclei of sloes also contain cyanide.

  • The fruits of the blackthorn must always remain on the bush until they are durchgefrostet properly. The Frost is an enzyme process in motion, during which the sloes lose some of their tannic and develop sweetness. This special combination gives a süßherben, distinctive taste. Only in this state, the sloe for food is suitable and in the kitchen versatile.
  • Sloes be with other fruits usually in interaction - as a flavor carrier for jams - used or processed into sloe sloe or because the flavor of the sloes is still very special.
  • Very tasty, unusual jams you can make with Schlehenmark: simmer the sloes in water through a sieve - the Mark enriches a jam flavor immensely. An interesting combination of jam, for example, Hokkaido pumpkin, apple and Schlehenmark - flavored with lemon thyme.
  • Even as a savory accompaniment to meat dishes, especially wild, sloes taste delicious: you can boil plastered sloes with sugar, cloves, vinegar and cinnamon and rich like a chutney to eat.
  • Sloes, in combination with other fruits very delicious juices: The mixture of blackberries and sloes is delicious. Sloe quince jelly tastes suspiciously good price. If you are a "Suppenkasper" the attempt pumpkin and sloes worth in a delicious soup combines enjoy.

In any case, the sloe heard with their detoxifying and blood purifying ingredients to the highly interesting plants that are almost forgotten. It is definitely worthwhile to rediscover them, because the flowers and fruit of the blackthorn are healthy and versatile.

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