Sly words for everyday life - so you shine in talks

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Sly words for everyday life - so you shine in talks

Sly words in everyday life to make an impression.

Insert Clever words in everyday life correctly

  • Adequacy is usually used as an adjective, so adequate. The exact meaning of the word of Latin origin is "appropriate" or "usual", which in everyday life rather outweighs the first importance. So you can talk about of adequate resources or an adequate solution. The opposite is "inadequate". It is an example, for expressions like inadequate housing or inadequate clothing.
  • Too clever words for everyday life can be also derived from the Greek term anachronism count. You can use it whenever it comes to something that is not in time correct context. If you are a woman of the world, do not just say that someone is a macho or a chauvinist, when he speaks of an outdated image of women, but say simply that he loves anachronisms, or that he thinks anachronistic. See anachronisms in art or films where they are targeted. Carrying the performer in a Mel Brooks movie, playing in the early Middle Ages, sunglasses and watches, is such a specific use.
  • Metrosexuality consists of two English words. "Metropolitan" is in this context of urban and "heterosexual" men not homosexual orientation. You can use it or the adjective "metrosexuals" certain male behaviors or lifestyle designate. Today this in the 90s arisen in the UK term stands for a type man, the, mainly in large cities, many are traditionally attributed as female force characteristics such. B. Liner, use of cosmetics, clothing style, select "unmanly" color, etc. you can then score as a man, when you understanding the behavior of another man is not called "effeminate" or "gay", but as a metrosexual. As a woman you can encourage men to more sensitivity or more open behavior of their "feminine side" compared to when you refer to the "modern male Metrosexuality". You might get so your friend more likely to go shopping together or put in a beauty weekend.
  • With conformity you are, if you do not care about force, social norms and conventions. So you can say that you admire the courage of nonconformity of someone among others.
  • If you want to say that something is out of date, you can designate it as obsolete. This derived from the Latin term is used as a noun to "obsolescence". So you could say in a conversation that you disturb "them completely obsolete standards" or that the "obsolescence in pure culture" z. B. based on the completely outdated equipment at a cobbler or a print shop, amazed.

Do not use too many intelligent expressions at once

  • Be frugal when using clever words for everyday life. Since you can not assume that your interlocutors know all the terms, the use should be well measured, otherwise you may be no longer understood.
  • Even if you are pretty sure to be in highly intelligent society that knows all the terms, do not use too many "smart words" at a time yet. The danger is that what you say to highbrow, or placed sounds.
  • Well you can use to profile the clever words, for example, in the canteen this week with higher-ranking colleagues.
  • Want to impress a potential partner for. B. at a vernissage or engage in conversation, adapt to Just the ambience and speak "from the theme of the picture accordingly applied, adequate artistic means" or that the nonconformist at one or the other painting love.
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