Smoke flavor in chips - just make sure your chips are vegetarian

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Smoke flavor in chips - just make sure your chips are vegetarian

Chips are very popular. wrw / Pixelio

Smoke flavor as an additive

In some chips nowadays smoke flavor included, about the many varieties of barbecue flavor. However, most consumers are not aware of how this aroma arises.

  • It is used usually by burning wood or other plant materials, so you can access courageously as vegetarians in such chips.
  • Also in many other products, smoke flavoring is used, for example when smoked under certain circumstances. As for gaining no animal products are needed, it is not only suitable for vegetarians, but also for strict vegans.
  • Smoke flavor has not directly to do with smoked meat, but is similar to the special barbecue flavor, caused by cooking over an open fire, which also with potatoes or vegetables is indeed possible.

In eighth chips on ingredients

  • While you can grab courageously to chips with smoke flavor as vegetarians, with many other ingredients caution. So also varieties that appear vegetarian at first glance contain partially fish protein which is not suitable for vegetarians.
  • Other ingredients that you should look out for are ham and bacon powder and similar substances. However, they are mainly in chips that are already marked on the package with corresponding taste information.
  • Incidentally, not only contain unusual varieties animal ingredients, also in classics like chili chips these are often included.
  • If you strictly vegan diet, so dispense not only on meat and fish, but also to milk, eggs, honey and all other animal food, you should be especially careful.
  • Many chips include among other milk powder or egg white. While you need therefore to keep a vegetarian relatively few ingredients in mind, you should be much more cautious than vegans.
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