Smoker - Plan for a smoker for cold smoking

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Smoker - Plan for a smoker for cold smoking

A smoker does not have to look chic. Henrik_G._Vogel / Pixelio

The Smoker for cold smoking

  • The principle when cold smoking is that the smoke reaches the smoked until it has cooled. The method requires a lot of patience and lots of experience, since the result is dependent on several factors that will always differ. Yet within reach of a distinctive, delicate flavor and a long shelf life of Räuchergutes when cold smoking.
  • After this plan is your smoker of two separate components: from the smoke generator and the Räucherbehälter. The hearth for generating the smoke can also be made from an old container, here is, however, assumed that the furnace is walled solid.
  • You need a furnace body, such as a fireplace, with a fine-mesh grid for receiving the wood chips, including a flat air supply, which should be as regulated. The smoke from the smoker can not escape into the atmosphere, but must be done in tight pipes in the Räucherbehälter.
  • Calculate the cross-section of the tubes with about 1/3 of the area of ​​the furnace grate. Run about 2 m tubes by 2-3 knees, so that the smoke may cool to a minimum. 25 ° C. The minimum temperature for cold smoking is 15 ° C.

The blueprint for the Räucherbehälter

  • The container can stand on a plinth, so that you have easier handling. The size is not critical, it is important not to make the flue greater than the air inlet. The smoke should be as long as possible remain in the container, while still allowing a certain train, otherwise the fire goes out.
  • Run the smoke in several sheets from the bottom up through the smokehouse, only by narrow slits, so that it spreads well. If your tank is long enough, you can put on each floor from shelves to be smoked. The flue outlet in the cover you again provided with a regulator for regulating the burn.
  • For the loading of the container of the plan should provide for a large door. The racks and shelves must be cleaned. In the upper third of the container you create a hole for inserting a thermometer. Watch the temperature constantly and adjust the burn accordingly. In summer, the cold smoking bans.
  • The smoking during cold smoking can take up to weeks, it depends on the weight of the goods to. You must be prepared and after every 20 hours. Smoking's 4 hours of aeration to be observed. are used preferably carrying chips, slightly moistened.
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