Smoking - a healthy diet should not be so

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Smoking - a healthy diet should not be so

Eat healthy despite of smoking.

The usage nicotine addiction

  • Of course you have a smoker not only loss, but also a benefit by your addiction. Here social aspects are a priority, also provides a smoking break from everyday life. A grace period, so to speak.
  • Another advantage is the muted feeling of hunger, something of a weight control by cigarette smoking.
  • Smoking every day a package, you live according to statistics six years less. The lower life expectancy comes naturally benefits the pension system.
  • You will also assist the state with paying substantial tobacco tax.
  • Smoking need your addiction to compensate for uncertainties, weaknesses, tensions and anxieties. The permanent fogging preventing a potentially painful struggle with these feelings. Your true identity will remain even and unfortunately hidden other.

Smoking and its effects

  • The neurotoxin nicotine, a psychotropic drug that causes dependence. It dissolves in the brain from a pleasant stimulation with relaxing effect.
  • In addition to the highly toxic and addictive nicotine harm your body, the many ingredients of the cigarettes they inhale also. These are often very toxic and also carcinogenic.
  • Physiological defense responses in tobacco smoke such as coughing and nausea may be more serious diseases in addition to premature aging, decreased thinking ability, and delayed wound healing, harbingers.
  • By vasoconstrictor effect it comes to erectile dysfunction (impotence). Your sperm quality decreases, fertility is reduced.
  • You and your fellow human beings suffer from a nasty cough in the morning, followed by further coughing thunderstorms. Asthma, chronic bronchitis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or emphysema can follow.
  • The degenerative artery wall changes with functional impairment atherosclerosis leading to coronary artery disease (CAD). Their symptoms are angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac death.
  • Arterial wall changes lead to circulatory disorders such as peripheral arterial disease. Consequences include severe pain, necrosis, the smoker's leg.
  • Among the priority cancers caused by tobacco smoking include pharynx, larynx, esophagus, lung, stomach, pancreas, kidney and bladder cancer.

Counter-attacking you with a healthy lifestyle - eat a healthy diet

  • You know that smoking is not healthy and can damage your health, after all, it is on the small parcels addiction.
  • Especially if it does not succeed, give up this unhealthy dependence, treat your body much good. Move up to the fresh air, enjoy food that is healthy.
  • Consume never compensate for your behavior any artificial vitamins, minerals or dietary supplements. So you harm your body guarantees even more.
  • Please give preference to finished products. Place a high value on a good diet with plenty of fresh food (fruit, vegetables, salad). Take good care of your body in order, they have just this one.
  • A change in diet will help you to stabilize your weight. It also promotes regeneration.
  • An aware life closes permanently from self-destructive behavior. Probably the old addiction does not fit soon to your new way of thinking. Try it out.
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