SMS to Italy - Notes

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SMS to Italy - Notes

Note when traveling abroad roaming fees.

Send SMS to Italy

If you send SMS from a German mobile phone to Italy on a European mobile phone also, the reception of SMS costs nothing. Your own costs will depend on your tariff. If you have an SMS flat rate or a certain number of free text messages, which are not exhausted, then also pay you nothing for SMS, for one you assumed that you may not know that the mobile phone to the German contract or . the German number is currently logged in an Italian network. If you have no free text messages, then you pay the normal rate, you would pay in Germany for sending SMS.

  • SMS from Germany to Italy, but also in other countries are basically always free or subject to the tariff which would have to be paid in Germany, if you send them to a German cell phone.
  • Receiving SMS is free, worldwide, no matter where you are, what contract you have or which network your phone logs.

When traveling abroad, may change the tariff options

  • If you send SMS from Italy to Germany, you usually pay about 15 cents, the exact cost will be for your carrier and your chosen tariff dependent.
  • If you are for a long time abroad or write many SMS, ask before departing with your provider for a European tariff to avoid expensive roaming charges for surfing, SMS or phone calls. You might be able, as with many providers available, for example, pay a one-time activation fee of five euros and then benefit from the usual in Germany costs or even a flat rate.
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