Snail eggs - hatching

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Snail eggs - hatching

Snails hatch after about 25 days.

The worm eggs of native molluscs

There are an estimated 100,000 species of snails worldwide. With the best-known in the domestic region include the snails, which you can almost everywhere discover in nature.

  • Approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the mating season put the molluscs its eggs in the soil. This, the worm can create a 3 to 5 centimeters deep hiding. With her foot and the housing she digs for a cave in the ground. Only when the screw is disturbed at it, puts their eggs elsewhere on the Earth's surface, since they can not stop the process of oviposition.
  • The filing of the worm eggs includes a clutch of 40 to 60 pieces. Is it finished, the snail withdraws from the cavity and closes the opening with Erdkrumen. A parental care, to hatch the young animals, does not take place.

Development and hatching of juveniles

As well as all other mollusks, also worm larvae develop. This is done by an embryo from the fertilized egg, which then develops into a larva. In this way, not only develop snails, but also other land and marine species, the latter float around in the plankton and thus propagated.

  • The entire development of snails takes place inside the worm eggs. Meanwhile, the larval organs regress and the final organ system of young snails is formed. This includes the respiratory system and the lungs.
  • Only when this development process is complete, the conditions for the emergence of the young snails are met. This is the case after about 25-26 days. However, this period may also be influenced by external factors such as temperature or humidity, and therefore vary.
  • The first days spend the hatchlings still in their nest cavity. During this period, they feed on the remains of the eggs. Then you need to free themselves from the dugout. If you discover the young snails, you will notice that they see the adult animals already clearly similar. Although they are still transparent, but the typical body division is already fully developed.
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