Snowboard - a label you put on so

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Snowboard - a label you put on so

Snowboarding is fun!

find stickers for Snowboard

Looking for a cool-designed stickers you have several options to be able to find.

  • Order a snowboard sticker over the internet.
  • You can use it also design yourself on the computer, order a sticker on a carrier film online.
  • Of course you can also use other design label or so-called "adhesive tattoos". However, the snowboard stickers have a higher impact strength.

Self-assembly of a complete Stickers

Snowboard stickers are like stickers for surfboards produced to support films, so their accuracy is required to avoid bubbles.

  1. Put the sticker on snowboard and set it off.
  2. Then loosen the support film from the top produces about 5 cm from, put the sticky film on the board, and then slide them down with the squeegee.
  3. Slowly in small steps work your patient. It always first solve a piece of the carrier film and nachrakeln.
  4. If your has Snowboard depressions, helps a hair dryer to adapt the label to the wells.
  5. If you get blisters in the label, despite all precautions, you continue to work calmly and slowly. The bubbles and air pockets can then be pierced with a fine, thin needle and smooth.
  6. Take your sharp cutter and remove any excess label material along the snowboard edges.
  7. To prevent the ingress of water at the edges, the road around the edges with a soft cloth several times a thin layer of resin. Allow to dry the resin, then you should repeat the process again and - done.

Enjoy your snowboard!

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