Snowboard binding - in the sizes you should be aware of this

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Snowboard binding - in the sizes you should be aware of this

Such snowboard jumps succeed only with proper bonding.

Important to the sizes of snowboard bindings

Snowboard bindings are divided into the following sizes in the categories S, M and L. A distinction is made between men and women and also divided differently. The size S is suitable for shoe sizes 34-37 z. B. in women, in men it fits up to size 38. These differences vary also. And there's more to know

  • Your shoe size is generally directed towards the interior of the shoe, so then how your foot fits into the shoe.
  • But the snowboard bindings keep the exterior of the shoe. Externally can be greater to a number shoes by the design and material well. Particularly with thick winter footwear and snowboard boots. So you should pay attention to every little thing.
  • You might also like many people, an intermediate size in normal shoes. Just then you should not just quickly buy any snowboard binding but seek advice in sizes and try the shoes the bond in the business.
  • The acquisition of matching snowboard boots is not only recommended, it is also worthwhile. For if you have a pair of shoes that you adjust your snowboard binding.
  • If you already have a snowboard binding, but need new snowboard boot, then take the bond or the whole snowboard best with the shoe purchase.

When buying a snowboard binding, there is much to be observed

You may be aware that there are several snowboard bindings for different applications in snowboarding.

  • A distinction is made in the snowboard bindings in software, flow, plate and step-in binding. And there are differences among manufacturers.
  • These types of bonds are not only made for different driving styles, but also designed for different types of snowboard boots.
  • You have to unfortunately note that each bond is divided differently in the above sizes.
  • It also is also divided again differently in men and women.
  • For example, a flow-tie for men is given for shoe sizes 35-38 as snowboard binding size "M". A Flow-binding for women in the shoe sizes 34-37 does however constitute a snowboard binding size "S".
  • Would you as a woman rather go with a Mr. binding, select the size so that the men sizes 1 to 1.5 smaller.
  • So take your time necessarily for the purchase of a snowboard binding and try everything and also from. It is ultimately about your safety on the slopes.

To set the snowboard binding one exactly

If you have determined the snowboard binding in the right size, it still needs to be finely tuned to your feet.

  1. Take this a wrench to make accurate adjustments to your size to the belt.
  2. Move the strap as long outward and inward until the desired size is reached. Then tighten the screws again.

Even with the exact adjustment of the size you will be happy to assist you in the sports shop.

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