Solar - build yourself a solar furnace

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Solar - build yourself a solar furnace

Take advantage of the solar energy.

Obtain the necessary materials for the solar furnace

  • For Selberbauen the oven first select two cardboard boxes like this that you can use each smaller in the larger box.
  • The exact size of your cardboard boxes does not matter. However, the space between your cardboard boxes should be on all sides 5 cm.
  • Your finished solar oven is made of a bottom part and a lid, and the reflector.

Keys to success Selberbauen the furnace

  1. You begin to build yourself of the lower part. For that, you drive around with a pen on the bottom of your big box respectively the smaller box and get the centered position. Use the same high loo roll as a spacer on the crate bottom of your big box that you stick. The bottom insert evenly with crumpled newspaper. Fill the toilet paper rolls with paper.
  2. The folding is easier and more accurate when you carve the opposite side briefly each with a carpet knife. The corner edges at the top should fit the folding together well. These edges on sticking with wide tape. The lower part of your solar oven is now almost finished. The interior floor swipe with black paint.
  3. Now you set the lid of flat boards. This must be a perfect fit. For this insert the cardboard plate directly to the respective lower part of your solar oven. Cut them then so that these projects at all sides about 10 cm or more. Then cut on the long sides have each a piece of a way to the bottom corners.
  4. The cover should be removed well and leave again slap them on its lower part. Now cut out a hole through which the sun can appear in your solar oven. The size is properly selected when you no longer can see the top of your bottom sidewalls.
  5. Now cut the window foil so that these can withstand on all sides cover hole about 5 cm. Then place them on the bottom of your lid and glue it centered and taped firmly.
  6. Now you need still the reflector. For that, you cut out a cardboard plate in the cover size. Glue here reflective material - for example, mirror foil or aluminum foil - on. It reflected sun rays directly into the solar furnace. The plasterboard bring so on the cover, that this is good move and the opening and closing of the hole easy. Fix it with tape.
  7. To align the reflector in the inclination of the sun, you need an adjustment. For this you can simply right on the reflector Attach a helpful "Kartonarm" on both sides, to fasten with pins at the top and also the bottom.
  8. Slide your new solar furnace with water-repellent paint. So the board does not absorb water so quickly when he, for example, standing on a wet floor.

Have fun with your new solar oven.

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