solve chemical equations - how it works

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solve chemical equations - how it works

Go when installing chemical equations systematically.

solve chemical equations - Procedure

  • There are different chemical equations, for example, the simple inorganic chemical equations, equations for stoichiometric calculations, calculation of concentration, mass action etc.
  • The term "chemical equations" but mostly for simplified equations used.
  • On the left side of the equation are the starting materials (reactants) and on the right the products; located between reactants and products of the arrow to indicate that the transformation takes place.
  • Whether the release of the chemical equation is correct, one can easily determine; it must be the same number of atoms and charges to be present on each side of the equation. If the number does not match, the equation is incorrect.
  • Example: Hg + O 2 ---> HgO
  • In the above example, you have left an Hg (mercury) and two O (oxygen); right you have a Hg and 1 O: Result: This equation is incorrect.
  • How does the right solving? Links are two O, so must the right two O be; so you have the right two O, you need to write a two before the HgO (mercury).
  • The equation is then: Hg + O 2 ---> 2 HgO; Now the equation is still not right (left: a Hg, two O; right; two Hg, two O) - what to do?
  • They resemble the Hg, ie you write left another 2 before the Hg: 2 Hg + O 2 ---> 2 HgO

some equations - What You Should Consider

  • The above example is of course a very simple chemical equation.
  • However, it does not matter how complex the chemical equations, the method of solving an equation is always the same: on the left and right sides of an equation, the number of atoms and the charges must be the same. (In the example above, the number of charges is the right and left zero.)
  • What previous knowledge is required? One should know that O 2 is a molecule that consists of two oxygen atoms, ie, have knowledge of the spelling of chemical formulas, for example.
  • The formulas can memorize, for example HCl for hydrogen chloride / hydrochloric acid.
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