solve spinal blockages - help these exercises

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solve spinal blockages - help these exercises

can back blockades be solved with the right exercises.

This helps against back blockages

The first exercise is particularly useful for spinal blockages in the thoracic spine. Loosen including blockades of rib joints.

  1. Sit in the heel seat. If that is inconvenient or impossible because the tendons of the thighs are too short, you can put a blanket or a pillow between your legs.
  2. Now roll inhale the upper body forward, away from the hands stretch out. Slide the hands and arms ever further forward, the upper body is stored up to his knees.
  3. In this position, you try as much as possible to relax. Breathe deeply in and out, you may try the position of the arms to change and to present this to the back next to the body.
  4. Stay for about 30 seconds in this position, then align the upper body slowly back and extend your arms upward.
  5. Try to stretch the spine, as well as possible.
  6. Repeat this exercise three times.

To solve the vortex

To solve spinal blockages in the lumbar spine, the following exercise offers.

  1. Lie down in lateral position, the legs are straight.
  2. Now bend your top leg and push it out to the front. The knee remains is prevented, the lower leg straight,
  3. The upper body turn now in the other direction, shoulders and arm the upper side as far as possible stretched backwards.
  4. To increase the stretch yet, you can reach out.
  5. Hold this position for about 30 to 40 seconds and breathe while more deeply and evenly.
  6. Then switch sides and do the exercise on the other side. Overall, you can repeat this exercise three times a day.
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