Sony UWA-BR100 - Find out the commissioning

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Sony UWA-BR100 - Find out the commissioning

Internet content, you can easily retrieve the remote control.

The Sony UWA-BR100 is a WLAN adapter, you can connect to many TVs manufacturer via USB, which are not yet equipped with a permanently installed WLAN interface. After connecting via USB, the device automatically searches for available networks, and you do not need more Ethernet cable to use.

The installation of the Sony UWA-BR100 is very simple

  1. You can use the WLAN Stick from Sony very simple in operation. Plug the device into an available USB stick. What you use is irrelevant.
  2. Check whether the dongle is recognized, and call up the appropriate menu in your Sony television on. You should now have the option to enter the network key. Depending on the setting, the dongle can be displayed the next time the TV and you are prompted to enter the WEP key. Come up this invitation to connect to the wireless network to be able to.

Enter the network key once a

  • The network key you have to enter only once. This can be noted the numeric keypad on your remote control. Make sure that you do not mistype.
  • You need to have your wireless network in each case with a network key. Otherwise, anyone who is within radio range of your network can use this for free. This can, for example, when illegal downloads cause problems for you.

If you remove the Sony UWA-BR100 again because you need the free USB port for another device, the Internet connection is interrupted of course. You can always plug it back in, without having to perform a new installation, however. The network connection is detected automatically as well.

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