Special Forces Command - content, training and work

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Special Forces Command - content, training and work

Special Forces must be fit.

Training in the special unit "Special Forces Command"

  • Not everyone can a member of the task force are "Special Forces Command". With this profession very many dangers and high responsibility are connected. Nevertheless, the content is not significant higher than in a normal unit.
  • Who would like to work at KSK, must not be older than 30 years old.
  • In addition, the candidate must fallschirmsprung fit and also be willing to jump.
  • Candidates must be aware that they have to be there at least six years in the unit. Therefore, almost only regular soldiers and career officers have access to the KSK unit.
  • A successful completion of the single fighter training I and II is a prerequisite for a job in the unit.
  • Who has taken this hurdle, must go through a two-part selection process, which consists of an aptitude test for mental and psychological fitness and a physical aptitude test. This test lasts 10 days and includes among others the resilience of sleep and lack of food.
  • Thereafter, the three-part training begins. In the first part (duration three months) are taught first general skills. The conclusion of this part is a basic requirement for promotion to the KSK.
  • In the second part (duration 9 months) are mediated specific basis. Then the trainees are placed in one of the many companies command.
  • In the third part - the team training - changes the trainees constantly between the army schools, the training center of the KSK and the company. Even the combined use with other special units such as the Navy Seals is content of training. After three years of apprentice is ready.

Vocational training and content at KSK

  • The Special Forces Command (KSK) is a special unit of the military, which is used for reconnaissance, evacuation, rescue, salvage and fight against terrorism.
  • This unit is so secret that never losses or successes were released after completed missions.
  • Who works there, may say no one that he works there. Weekends are rare and the training is tough.
  • The content is determined by the Federal Salaries Act and starts at about € 1,900 gross.
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