Specialists in orthopedics - Vocational

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Specialists in orthopedics - Vocational

Measuring the spine in everyday practice.

be Orthopaedics

  • If you have the dream, as a specialist in orthopedics to work, one has to accept that a long education is imminent.
  • The first step is the study of medicine, which lasts at least six years. Here are several tests to complete, including the Physikum after four semesters, which is considered very difficult. The so-called hammer exam is the final exam of medical studies and covers several days.
  • Have you passed all tests, you can be active as a medical assistant. To be orthopedist, you must receive training that lasts another six years. During this time you deserve however already sufficient money to cover your living expenses can.
  • Portions of this specialist training you spend in the hospital, but also the work in an orthopedic surgery or a rehabilitation clinic possible.
  • At this training also includes a comprehensive examination. Only when you pass this, you are allowed to add to this series the Specialists in orthopedics.

Work of Specialists

  • Orthopaedic Specialists frequently work in a hospital or in their own practice. Which model do you prefer depends on your personal preferences, but also on the financial means.
  • To you get patients who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Bone, spine, tendons and ligaments are part of the body that examines and treats this doctor.
  • However, complaints that are not at first glance the musculoskeletal system may belong in the hands of the orthopedic surgeons. Headaches can be caused by tight muscles and then at the orthopedists in the right place.
  • The specialist often works with imaging techniques such as X-ray, ultrasound or CT to get complaints on the track. The discussion with the patient, sampling and testing also is part of the daily practice.
  • In the treatment besides medication, physical therapy, splints, prostheses and other methods will be added also surgical procedures that can perform even the orthopedist.
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