specify a part-time job at the employment office - how it works

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specify a part-time job at the employment office - how it works

Make an application to the employment office.

Finding a job exercise despite cash withdrawals from the labor office

  • If you are receiving unemployment benefit, you have submitted a request for authorization at the employment office. then you get every month due to you the amount to your account gebucht.Trotz which you should, even if you relate these relationships, pursue a part-time job.
  • However, if you re-engage a part-time job, you must specify this at the employment office. Even a 400, - Euro job must be submitted to the labor office reported or indicated.
  • You must report your part-time job right away if you take the work and must not wait until the employment office to expect. Because then it may be too late.
  • It should be noted that you must adhere to a maximum limit on working hours. If you receive unemployment benefits, you are allowed to work a week no more than 14.9 hours.
  • This does not apply in respect of unemployment benefits applies here not the limit of working hours, but here applies a maximum of 100, -. € per month, you are allowed to earn in this case. Otherwise, the amount will be charged with 80% of the ALG II.

Specify the side job properly

  1. Pick a letter from the employment office out on which is the address.
  2. Put on a letter with your address and the account number of the employment office.
  3. Be in there that you pursue a part-time job. This might go something like this: "Dear Sirs, I would like to inform you that I will carry out from ... a second job xy at the company I was expected a salary of € xx relate month.".
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