specify child support in the tax return

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specify child support in the tax return

Child support can be issued in exceptional cases from the tax.

settle child support tax

Parents can for dependent children use allowances and thus make additional burdens for tax purposes and are entitled to child benefit. Therefore, you can not against tax payments for the maintenance of the children first. However, there is this rule an exception.

  • Are you dependents over your child and there is no entitlement to child benefit, then you can afford the payments for child support but, taking into account the current maximum amount, do as extraordinary expenses for tax purposes. The legal basis for this is § 33a paragraph one of the Income Tax Act.
  • This possibility of tax deductibility of child support often true if the child lives abroad.
  • During their period of military and civilian service, you can use these possibilities of tax deductions for alimony to children, because then there is no child benefit.

Spousal support in the tax return

Payments in the interest of spousal support, you can also specify in the tax return.

  • Live, for example, separate from your partner or are you already divorced, then you can actually worked alimony, indicate to the currently valid limit in the tax return.
  • By entering you can on the one hand to reduce your tax burden, thus saving taxes. On the other hand, the indication of alimony, however, leads to the maintenance payments are considered income.
  • It can be for maintenance receiver fiscal and technical disadvantages, you would have to compensate. If, for example, a family insurance, then that would mean that with a corresponding income from alimony could be eliminated the possibility of family insurance, so that an independent hedge would be necessary.
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