Specify computer skills in an application

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Specify computer skills in an application

About your computer skills to apply your future employer should inform.

To specify computer skills in your resume to

  • Whether you should specify in the cover letter your knowledge of computer already, largely depends, in what profession you are working. When dealing with IT is central to their activities, it would be right, already referring to it in the letter. Play this knowledge but only a subordinate or secondary role, the listing in the resume is probably sufficient.
  • Run the Resume your recent career path and then go to on to provide information about your education. Find the internet for sample templates that can provide you with an impression of the visual design.
  • Now you can come to your knowledge of computer to talk. First consider what programs and operating systems you have mastered and how well versed you are in use.
  • That you can deal with Microsoft Office software, is already generally required as a matter of course. Nevertheless, it is legitimate, if you specify separately this. This is particularly true if you have deeper knowledge of the software package.
  • You may know them from various Internet browsers and email programs.
  • Gladly seen are also basic knowledge of HTML or in the use of content management systems.
  • Operate a private home or a club? Even if you basically can specify the appropriate link in your application, you should therefore better be careful. Ask yourself first, whether the site is suitable for the eyes of your potential employer.
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