Spelling in an email - so you can check it online

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Spelling in an email - so you can check it online

To check the spelling online.

Check spelling online

If you write an email or have written and want to check whether the spelling of this email is correct, you can use various online services that offer to check the spelling. One such provider is the page duden.de that allows you to type or paste in order to investigate these errors by various texts manually.

  1. Open your e-mail program and the outgoing e-mail that you want to be examined for spelling mistakes.
  2. Then copy to be corrected and paste text in the box provided on the home page, then you only need to press "Correct Text" on.
  3. The advantage of this agent is that he not only errors in spelling, but also grammatical errors in color showing you, so you forget a comma or a word accidentally write small or big.

use Google Chrome to correct emails

If you do not want to type up every text again or to copy and paste extra, you can also use the Google Chrome browser to correct your e-mail for spelling mistakes.

  1. If you send an e-mail on the Web, shows the browser, similar to Word, the various errors by the words concerned are underlined.
  2. To enable the spelling checker, you must click in the browser only to wrench the top left of the toolbar and then click Options.
  3. You're now left in the bar on the "Details" button, after which you can see in the right window, select the "Settings for language and spelling ...", you have to click now.
  4. Finally, you can select the desired language, after which the browser is correct your texts or emails, and the "Enable spell checking" below next click, so that the settings are applied.

If you now write an e-mail at web.de or gmx.de, you, the browser will automatically display all the spelling errors, so you will not send any emails with poor spelling more.

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