Spikes fix - so manages the metal cowl

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Spikes fix - so manages the metal cowl

Many metal cowls are studded. drhel / Pixelio

Rivets on the cowl - models and mounting

  • Rivets are available in different versions. There are round, four-edged, flat and said long Killernieten. Well suited for denim fabrics and similar materials are the double stitching on the shoulders, arms and back area.
  • Unlike lighter materials with rather coarser mesh, can be easily pressed or inserted through which smaller studs, you need to use to introduce the holes in heavy denim or leather auxiliaries.
  • Note that (especially acute) rivets in the crowd pose a considerable risk of injury. Not least because it is more common that the security relies on concerts, to prohibit the wearing of Spikes in the audience.

Spikes fix - how it works

  1. Mark the locations on the cowl, where you want to fix your Spikes. Well suited for denim fabrics and similar materials are the double stitching on the shoulders, arms and back area.
  2. Spikes are provided with an inserted counter screw with Phillips. Before the introduction of the holes in your habit the diameter of the screw in order to determine the right size when preparing the holes. Test whether large needles sufficient predrilled holes, and eventually use with harder materials a drill. Note that the strength of the drill should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw rivets. Press the counter-screw from the inside through the holes and screw then the rivet.
  3. It is advisable to secure materials or flexible inserts on the inside of the cowl, so you do not get hurt by the slightly inwardly metal parts.
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