Spinal Stenosis - development and treatment methods

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Spinal Stenosis - development and treatment methods

The spinal canal runs between the vertebrae.

A spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal. This extends within the spine, between the vertebrae, and includes the spinal cord. The disease may take a very severe course and was yet to be treated early.

Thus, the spinal stenosis arises

  • The spinal stenosis, you usually do not see really. It often begins with back pain that can be chronic and severe cases it can even lead to neurological deficits - ie a tingling sensation in the arms and legs to a loss of sensation.
  • If the discs begin to age and begins at an early age, they lose volume and the distance between them becomes less and less. To compensate for the distance between the vertebrae body forms new bone, which protrude like a corner of the vertebral body. Since these ossify over time, it can happen that the spinal canal becomes narrower, which presses permanently on the nerves.
  • Usually the disease begins in middle age.

Thus, the spinal stenosis is treated

  • Primarily and in not so bad symptoms, the doctor will prescribe physical therapy. This is to the muscles are relaxed, release tension and back muscles are built.
  • Treatment with local anesthetics can provide also relieve the symptoms.
  • If the spinal stenosis progressed so far that the channel is too narrow, often helps only a surgical procedure. After surgery, rehabilitation is usually recommended in the back muscles to be trained.

If you suffer from constant back pain, you should consult your doctor and let clarify the cause.

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