Sports center in Sims FreePlay - Useful

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Sports center in Sims FreePlay - Useful

Ballet is taught at the sports center.

In Sims FreePlay make your residents happy

  • The mobile version of the famous Sims goes by the name FreePlay (Free Game) and comes from Electronic Arts. Offering the game as a free smartphone application and you can play it with almost any Android or iOS device.
  • As in the bigger games you have to take care even in this version especially to the needs and concerns of its inhabitants. These have very different ideas and also go to other hobbies.
  • In Sims FreePlay You can use the various facilities and need them for different professions and careers. There are a total of two sports facilities, to a sports center and, second, the sports arena.

You should know this for sports center

While, for example, can be for athletes in the second building resident, you will need the first building for the younger Sims. The sports arena is very important in terms of making money, because working as an athlete your residents in the arena and earn quite a lot of Simoleons. In Teenager your residents can work out among other Ballet and Karate and both sports will only work in this particular building.

  • The fastest way to find the sports center if you simply go to the map and select it there directly. Per SimFinder you can send exactly in this facility a resident of the appropriate age.
  • For the ballet, you have the Barre available. Would your teenagers but rather do karate, so of course you should either select the bricks or the training dummy.
  • In free play, it is like the other life simulations of course extremely important that your residents can pursue their hobbies and preferences. Residents teenage need practice of sport and wish them even.
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