spread Blog - so succeeds's when own blog

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spread Blog - so succeeds's when own blog

Linking and networking help your blog. Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

The Internet offers many ways by which you can spread your blog. Do these tools exploit properly, your blog may soon have higher numbers of visitors.

Tips and ways to spread your blog

  • Fill your blog before you distribute it, with interesting content and aligning it based, if possible, to frequently searched keywords. In the long run you will achieve a good position on Google that. Google Insights for Search can help you.
  • Create RSS feed and place it prominently on your blog. This feature helps to make readers to regular readers.
  • Do social networking advantage. Put in new products links to your profiles. However, you should prefer to publish in moderation, because a constant barrage of self-promotion will scare readers more. In Facebook there is also the opportunity to create a separate page for your blog and to connect directly to your blog.
  • Put buttons to your blog to facilitate spreading. Readers can ensure to make your blog clearly known by the known Share / Like / Tweet-functions with just one click. Put these buttons again visible.
  • Take regular bookmark sites like Furl, Mister-Wong or Yahoo. You can apply your blog in addition and without much effort.
  • Get help from Twitter. Publish 140 characters long teaser, if something happens on your blog - which does not require much time, but can attract many interested readers.
  • Participate in topic-related forums and set meaningful links to your blog. To make yourself and your blog known. However, you should not set in each post a link or send meaningless comments - that will annoy and discourage other forum members and thus also potential readers.
  • Link to other blogs - if it has a value for the reader. Use this Trackback or Pingback to make the other bloggers attention to the links. Most are at least a short look at your blog and also link him whenever possible. The resulting network allows for better position in search engines and a fluent reader exchange between blogs.

Prepare the blog correctly

  • A combination of all options and clever linking will fail if your blog has before spreading too little content. Therefore do not fill it regularly with interesting content to always reproduce new visitors and regular readers an incentive.
  • Regularly check that all pages function properly. Does the reader error messages must wait forever when the page loads or runs the blog does not work in all browsers, decreases the chance that he again visited or further recommends your blog.
  • Look for attractive design and legible contrasts. Have your readers already deciphering of items problems, you will feel little desire to spread the blog in turn.
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