SPSS - the trial version is available so

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SPSS - the trial version is available so

Statistics can be evaluated with SPSS.

If you need the program for a limited period, for example, to create a master thesis or doctoral dissertation, you can download a trial version for free.

download and install SPSS

  1. Visit a trusted website to download the installation file. Recommended here is the manufacturer's site or a known software side.
  2. Download here the trial version of SPSS down and open this file by double-clicking.
  3. . Follow the prompts on the screen to install
  4. When this is complete, you confirmed that the PC. You may need this after that restart to complete the installation.

Using the trial version

  1. Start the trial by double and wait until all the components have been loaded. First, see the Data Editor, in which you can enter your data collected manually. Alternatively, you can also load a save file and use this data.
  2. Switch on the top left to the variables view and define your variables here. Enter for each feature a name in a new line.
  3. Also define the kinds of features, such as whether they are numeric.
  4. You can also still define how many decimal places the data to be displayed.
  5. You can miss a label the variables yet. In order to explain the named variable in detail. This helps you to keep track of a large amount of data.
  6. Then switch on the top left in the data view. You can see here that the columns now the names of the variables have, that you have previously defined.
  7. If you have now entered enough data, you can evaluate this from the SPSS trial. Click on the "Analyze" and then select the desired statistical method. Here you have a lot of different variants.

You can download the data now can be analyzed by SPSS for all rules of statistics.

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