Standard ring size in women - Notes

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Standard ring size in women - Notes

For the ring size of the inner circumference is decisive.

Standard ring sizes - the inner periphery

  • Unlike a necklace or earrings, in a finger ring that size matters. You must remove the ring, and easy to be infected, you may not have the feeling that he is uncomfortably tight, but not that you can lose it easily. The problem is that the fingers of a human being are not always the same thickness. Their scope may change not only the course of life, but also depending on the season or daytime. In the hot season, the fingers are usually thicker than in the cold and in the morning they are usually thinner than the evening.
  • Most rings are so sit not always the same fixed or loose on her finger. However, a ring does not have to sit inevitably on the ring finger; so you can use a ring, wearing morning index or middle finger and in the evening, when the fingers are thicker on the ring finger.
  • In a jewelry store can help you determine the ring size, the seller or the seller. Do you want to buy a ring on the Internet or for another person, you must know that the standard size specifications do not specify the diameter, but the inner circumference.

The matching ring for women

To determine the inner circumference and thus the ring size, you need to compare ring.

  • Take a ring that fits you well and that you know that it fits your wife or girlfriend well, and measure the inner diameter carefully. This must then take time Pi, so you get the inner circumference and thus the right size.
  • Most women have a ring size, which is about 52-58, and size 50 occurs in slender fingers. The sizes below are very rare in an adult female, larger sizes come against it already often times before.
  • What size is appropriate, but also depends on the width of the ring. Wider rings usually have to be a bit bigger. If a narrow ring comfortable while wearing in a wider of the same size a certain unpleasant sensation of tightness may already occur. If the been measured ring is very narrow and the new should be relatively wide, rather recommends a slightly larger size.

What you need to know about standard ring sizes so is mainly that it depends on the inner circumference.

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