Starcraft 2 PC hangs - what to do?

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Starcraft 2 PC hangs - what to do?

Do not panic if the PC goes on strike!

If hangs the PC

  • If your PC hangs while playing Starcraft 2, and the game freezes therefore, you can only restart your computer. This is in the long run, of course, very annoying and decreases in any case, your game playing.
  • In most cases, you can resolve this known issue but without investing the same in a new hardware or a new computer.
  • So Starcraft 2 is running smoothly, you will definitely need the latest driver for your graphics card and your Windows should be up to date (Update).

To solve the problem in Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 required regardless of on which Windows operating system you are playing a perfectly working software.

  1. If your existing hardware is sufficient for the system of Starcraft 2, you can resolve the known problem of new graphics card driver.
  2. Depending on who the manufacturer is your graphics card, you can download on its website new driver. Do you own a graphics card from NVIDIA, as you can also find on their website the appropriate drivers for your computer. If your graphics card manufacturer ATI, so there are on its website the latest drivers
  3. Download the graphics card driver download, and then follow the installation instructions.
  4. You must restart your computer after you have successfully installed newly definitely.
  5. Finally, it is also useful to have all the latest updates for Windows. Use the Windows Update function to check your current status easily.

Have you done all the above steps, so you can play Starcraft 2 generally for several hours without any problems. Your PC should now no longer hang.

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