Steinchenteppich - so moving this extravagant flooring

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Steinchenteppich - so moving this extravagant flooring

Lay a Steinchenteppich own.

Stone covering are not, as the name suggests, a simple rug, but consist of many small pebbles, which are easy to apply using a bonding agent on the bare floor. The installation is very easy to do, so that you can interpret a Steinchenteppich.

Blending component for Steinchenteppich

  1. First you need to rid your floor of carpet or other dirt residues. Clean your floor well. It must be nice to run straight and must not show any irregularities.
  2. Then glue off any edges, heating pipes or other items to which the gravel Elste inches mixture could approach. The mixture can be very difficult to remove again. Therefore, pay attention when working on the proper clothing and use protective gloves.
  3. Take a bucket and fill in your pebbles. The additional components hardener and resin to mix well. To this end, a drill with a suitable agitator. Give the mixture added to your pebbles.
  4. Stir both well together. But there are also manufacturer's instructions, in which you give everything in a drum, seal it and roll the drum back and forth. The blend for the Steinchenteppich mixes very well characterized. If you want to save time, there are commercially Premixes already buying, which only have to be applied to the soil.

Distributing the new flooring

  1. Now distributing the binder mixture begins. Distribute roughly some blots on your floor. For this purpose, a distance squeegee is which enters into the most difficult corners, but also a flat wooden block is good to share. Start with your work on the other side of the room and work your way then go to your door. Since the coating to dry at least 24 hours and should not be entered, it is logical to keep eye on the door and not to work in the wrong direction.
  2. To smooth the Steinchenmischung take a trowel. Moisten the bottom slightly with water. In the water enter previously sprinkle some alkali (eg detergents) and smooth the pad with the flat trowel.
  3. Look for a uniform coating, so that no transitions are visible. To work your way piece by piece in the room. Your Steinchenteppich then assumes more and more shape.
  4. Connect the end of the room (the door edge) carefully your Steinchenteppich off and allow it to dry at least 24 hours. Then he walked on immediately.

If you want to refine your Steinchenteppich even further, you can also make your own. Information about the application can be found on the Internet then the term "Terrazzo".

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