stop runny nose - help these home remedies

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stop runny nose - help these home remedies

In hay fever usually runs the nose.

Stop the acute nasal discharge

If the nasal discharge does not want to stop or sneezing attacks do not let come to rest, need help quickly.

  • Place a damp cloth or a washcloth on the nose. If the eyes are burning or tears, place the cloth in addition on the eyes.
  • Make a nasal rinse to soothe the irritated mucous membrane. The water should be this cool but not cold. Pay attention to the proper salt concentration in the wash water, because the nasal membranes are otherwise additionally irritated and painful.
  • Most conveniently allows the nasal irrigation with the matching "Equipment" perform. Nasal showers and note with the right amount of salt available at pharmacies and drugstores.
  • Even pressure can alleviate the strong runny nose sometimes. Press with your thumb and forefinger gently on the two nostrils.

More tips for hayfever

To reduce the quantity of allergens at home, a few simple measures can be very helpful.

  • Can not stop the runny nose, a passage under the shower can be worthwhile. Wash your hair to remove as much pollen.
  • Change also the clothes you have worn out. Again, probably many allergens have settled.
  • If these measures help you, but take time too much time, you can make do with simple tricks. Drag a hat or a scarf over your hair when you are traveling.
  • come home, it is sufficient, under certain circumstances from taking off his hat and switch jacket, T-shirt or shirt.

If despite everything runny nose stubbornly remains just going to the allergist, who will advise you on appropriate medication.

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