Straightener - so protect your hair from the heat

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Straightener - so protect your hair from the heat

Protect your hair, if you regularly use straighteners so that they remain as beautiful shiny.

Care before using the flat iron

  1. Choose to wash always a gentle conditioning shampoo. You should pay attention to the ingredients. Particularly conditioning are oils, lipids and vitamins. They strengthen the hair before applying the straightening iron.
  2. Give your hair then force through a deep conditioner. Again, you should use treatments with panthenol, lecithin and oils. After you have rinsed the conditioner, wring the hair and avoid rubbing with the towel, as this makes the structure otherwise again porous.
  3. Enter fluid or lotion with heat protection in the hair and comb it from the tips to the accretion by. To get even a smooth structure, before you pick up the iron.
  4. Let your hair dry in a turban. Before using the hair straighteners hair should be almost dry. Brush your hair by gently.

The right hair straightener for optimal protection

  • Use a flat iron, in which the temperature can be adjusted. Good straighteners turn also about an hour of alone from.
  • Even the straightener should have ceramic coated plates.
  • Before you buy a flat iron, you can also learn more reviews and price comparisons. Here you will find a flat iron that you like.
  • The plates of the flat iron should be narrow, more than 3 cm. To prevent tangles and grasping too much hair.
  • Pay attention to the words "ionic". This will prevent static electricity from the hair.

The correct use of the flat iron

  1. After your hair has been prepared with the proper care program on the straightener, you can start with the styling.
  2. Select the straightening iron at a low temperature. Not more than 120 ° to set.
  3. Share from the hair and start with the lower hair. Use a comb and comb the first strand smoothly over the plates of the flat iron. Connect the straighteners and pull the strand with gentle pressure from the roots to the tips by. Move your straighteners always quickly through his hair. You should avoid to leave the straightener on one spot long hair. This would only overheat your hair and damage unnecessarily.
  4. If you have treated your entire hair with straighteners, brush it through. To enhance the gloss, you can now use the shine spray and smooth out with the straighteners the hair ends again.
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