Strategic action learning - how it works

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Strategic action learning - how it works

Strategy is important in many areas of life.

So does your strategic action

Who would not like to think things very structured? develop strategies, implement goals and make plans in advance, is a large decision support in many areas of life.

  • What ever means strategic action? It is nothing more than a structured description. You have a starting point; to make a decision. Now you want to come to the desired goal. Now it is important to think strategically, plan and implement.
  • The path should be fast, clear and reliable. Likewise, there should be a clear description, so that you can adapt and rethink even in the worst case.
  • All this is possible only if you clearly define what you want, how you want it and why.
  • There are important clues that are a good strategic action of importance: strategies depend on several factors (eg changes in business) from, they can not always control strategies should be flexible and a long-term strategy can be of great benefit. Imagine again your strategic action.
  • The previous strategic thinking you want to animate to use your common sense. Even the mind should always educate and develop. Strategic thinking is very important and includes the following elements: Recognizing your own forces, an analysis of the situation to unravel complex issues and the focus on the core activities.

Thus works the strategy-oriented React

  1. What you have to decide? What goal do you have? Write down everything that is important to you and forget nothing. The smallest detail can be very important for your strategic action.
  2. Now you differentiate piece, important and urgent matters. The Urgent comes at the top, then the piece and then the important thing. Formulate a clear goal.
  3. Now you begin to plan. What's your point? Is this a long-term strategy or need your strategic action for a certain period? If you need help, you can contact a coach or a psychological consultation. Sometimes you need some support.
  4. Now go step by step your records. Remember, however, that you should look beyond the bigger picture again, so you can adjust the time. The world does not stand still, but changes. You also need to maintain a strategic thinking and action.
  5. For example: You are looking for a new job and have a clear idea what you want to do. Pick targeted firms out that match your requirements. Write the most important skills and qualifications out necessary and go very structured and targeted at the application zoom. Customize your resume to the company. The career choice is the same, but the qualifications may differ, even in small details. Be sure to.
  6. Especially in difficult situations a strategic action is especially important. The challenges in the example unemployment be very unusual. Here it helps to adapt, possibly rethink and change his thinking and actions. This can be a completely new challenge or additional training, seminars or workshops. Stay tuned.

Once you make your thinking flexible and adjust your scope, you suddenly get reactions that were previously you never realized. And all this in a positive sense. Take out but also setbacks. They can not harm you and makes you stronger. The result: you have a better, more accurate and targeted capacity and greater decision-making aid.

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