strengthen self-worth

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strengthen self-worth

Develop a healthy self-esteem.

develop self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence are closely related. Who does not know his own worth or self non attaches much importance, will hardly be able to defend himself and his position with confidence. therefore Fathom in peace, the value you attach to yourself and how great your doubts to yourself.
  • Locate, if possible, the causes of your low self-esteem. Mostly, these are to be found in childhood. Constant criticism of the mistakes often means that it is not based on the instantaneous act but to oneself. This often leads to the development of feelings of inferiority. Is it your own children, who suffer from low self-confidence, make you understand that mistakes happen to anyone and have nothing to do with their kindness.
  • Realize that you are not a slave of your early childhood experiences and experiences. As the resilience research has shown the development of a healthy self-image is possible even if you grew up under adverse conditions.

strengthen the own well-being

Only those who feel comfortable in his own skin, will be able to stand by himself, his personality and appearance. Few agents will help sometimes to a healthy dose of well-being and thus automatically to strengthen their self-confidence.

  • Determine the areas in which there are those of you perceived as such inadequacies. Do you have doubts about your character, you feel uncomfortable in your own body, you feel ignorant? Even if you is objectively clear that there is not dealing with facts, your feelings may speak a different language.
  • Do something for your appearance. Who feels outwardly attractive, automatically exudes more confidence and reap positive response. This in turn helps to strengthen your self-esteem.
  • Sport helps the body not only to better health and activity, but also to feelings of success. This refute the experience of having no success in life and help gradually to more confidence in their own abilities.
  • Take criticism as little as possible to the heart. Realize that criticism usually an act is based. Mistakes are each and even serious errors make a person not less lovable. So Always disconnect criticism of your actions from criticism of your person. If your counterpart personally or even insulting, to proceed against it. Even your boss may indeed criticize, criticism of your person but is not acceptable and can you forbid.
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